Executive Investors

Executives & Business Owners

We focus on your best interests to provide comprehensive wealth planning and investment management tailored to your risk profile and goals.

Included in our analysis is maximizing your corporate benefits, planning stock option exercise, and managing single stock risk. We review your corporate retirement plan and discuss options including insurance, cash balance and non-qualified deferred compensation, as well as, other products that benefit business owners to enhance your retirement income.

You have enjoyed success in your business or profession through ongoing dedication and hard work. We are here to ensure you meet your retirement goals.

Our Process

Omega Investment Management

Introductory Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to get to know each other. We want to learn, in general terms, about your main financial goals and priorities, what you have already done to progress towards those goals, and what you are looking for in an advisor. From there we will talk about how we can help you, explain the services we provide, and what our costs will be so you can decide if we are a good fit for your needs. This is the first part of establishing a partnership.

Omega Investment Management

Exploration Phase

Based on our introductory meeting, we now want to take a deeper dive into your situation. During this session we will begin to sketch a preliminary plan as we engage in a more comprehensive discussion about your personal and financial goals.

Omega Investment Management

Planning Phase

Together we will review the course of action, assumptions and pros and cons associated with your plan. Based on prior discussions, we will specifically address the areas that are of greatest importance to you: retirement savings, early investment options, risk management, insurance, first time home ownership, estate planning, and detail the steps needed to conquer each obstacle.

Omega Investment Management

Ongoing Advice

Your priorities and goals will inevitably shift through time which is why we are here to proactively work with you. We embrace change. As your life circumstances facilitate a different approach to financial planning, wealth management, and savings options, we will be a constant presence to ensure that your plan transitions along with you.