WRNS Studio
“We have enjoyed working with Kathy Steinbrecher / Omega Investment Management for more than a decade. We find them to be extremely helpful and responsive. They ensure we meet all of the fiduciary requirements associated with 401K plans while helping us select top quality funds that consistently out perform their peer groups. We are very happy with Omega Investment Management and recommend them very highly.” – Corporate Client

Hood & Strong LLP
“We have been thoroughly impressed with the services provided by Omega Investment Management. Their team possesses exceptional expertise in 401(k) planning, and their accessibility to answer our questions has been unparalleled. With their guidance, we have been able to streamline the management of our 401(k) plan, freeing up time to focus on growing our business. We highly recommend Omega Investment Management to any business owner seeking a knowledgeable team to consult on their 401(k) plan, allowing them to focus on their company’s continued success.” – Corporate Client

Emeryville Occupational Medical Center, Inc.
“Omega Investment Management services are unparalleled, and they are always available to answer any questions we have. Their expertise in understanding our 401(k) plan has allowed us to focus on growing our business rather than the intricacies of 401k rules and regulatory changes. We highly recommend Omega Investment Management to business owners who want an experienced team to consult on their 401k plan so they can focus on their company.” – Corporate Client

Dale Hardware
“Omega demonstrates a true specialty in retirement plan consulting; generalists cannot provide the expertise to insulate against liability risk or relieve plan issues that arise. Omega provides independent analysis of the investments and always puts us first. Omega is always available to us the employer for any plan related questions and to participants for employee meetings, questions, or one-on-one time. We highly recommend their services.” – Corporate Client

“We highly recommend the services of Omega Investment Management to anyone seeking to optimize their 401k plan. Their team of professional and knowledgeable staff has been instrumental in guiding us towards our corporate goals of aiding us in attracting employees. We are truly grateful for their help and expertise in maximizing our 401k plan employee benefit. – Corporate Client

ASA Computers
“We found choosing the best retirement plan advisor goes beyond just selecting funds or pursuing the highest returns. Omega Investment Management is a specialist in employer retirement plans and has the expertise of prudently monitoring our plan and adhering to fiduciary standards, which makes them unique and extremely valuable to our firm. We highly recommend their services.” – Corporate Client

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