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Empowering Your Retirement Journey with Expert Fiduciary Guidance

Omega Investment Management – where we redefine the landscape of 401(k) investment planning. Our dedicated fiduciary team is committed to advocating for your best interests, ensuring objectivity, and maintaining integrity that stands the test of time. As your trusted 401k Planning Company in Colorado, we understand the evolving landscape of retirement planning and provide comprehensive services tailored for individuals and organizations.

Navigating the Complexity: Your Personal 401(k) Quarterback

Gone are the days when retirement plans required a team to manage. Today, a single individual or investment committee juggles multiple responsibilities, including overseeing the record-keeper administrator and keeping up with ever-changing regulations. At Omega Investment Management, we step in as your quarterback, working collaboratively to ensure your plan runs smoothly, stays compliant, and adopts a plan design that fits your organization seamlessly.

Fiduciary Standard: Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority

At Omega Investment Management, our commitment to the highest fiduciary standards is unwavering. Acting solely in the best interests of our clients and participants, we adhere to a level of care, skill, and diligence that aligns with what a reasonably prudent person familiar with financial advisory services would exercise. Our reputation as one of the best 401k Investment Companies in Nevada, USA, is built on this fiduciary foundation, treating every detail, meeting minute, and fund recommendation as if we were explaining it to a regulator.

Annual IPS Review: Going Beyond Expectations

While many clients may not expect a rigorous review of the Investment Policy Statement (IPS), we go the extra mile. We conduct an annual review of the IPS, the first document regulators typically request in an audit. Throughout the year, we incorporate regulatory changes, and in the fourth quarter, the template IPS undergoes a meticulous review by an ERISA attorney. This ensures that our clients have a robust and compliant plan in place.

Rapid Responsiveness: Your Questions, Our Priority

At Omega Investment Management, we understand the importance of timely communication. We commit to responding to client emails or calls within one hour, with a maximum 12-hour deadline. This responsiveness extends to both Committee members and participants, showcasing our dedication to being readily available whenever you need us.

In-Depth Knowledge: Unveiling the Nuances of Investments

Our team boasts extensive investment experience, going beyond traditional data analysis and historical performance evaluations. Regular conversations with fund managers are a cornerstone of our differentiated service. We delve into the compensation structures of firms, explaining these nuances to the committee. We believe that understanding these intricacies is crucial for clients to make informed decisions about including, maintaining, or replacing funds.

Empowering Participants: Informative Employee Meetings

Empowering participants is at the heart of our service. We conduct employee meetings as often as needed, offering group sessions followed by personalized one-on-one meetings. Our one-hour conference calls with employees, scheduled at their convenience, ensure that participants truly understand their retirement plans. We take pride in the feedback that our Omega 401(k) and 403(b) meetings are often the first instances where participants gain a deep understanding of their retirement plans.

Our Process: Simple, Process-Oriented Retirement Planning

Navigating the complex world of 401k Investments in Atlanta, GA, requires a simple, process-oriented approach. Our quarterly meetings are continually refined to ensure that Committee members fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. We provide comprehensive retirement planning services and tools like 401k Investment Planning Calculators, guiding you through every step of the way.

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